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Bijoux Artisan Lampshades ... transform ho-hum lamps into works of art.  

lampshades, lamp shades
lampshades, lamp shades

After years of searching for interesting lampshades for her clients in specialty shops and Design Centers, Patti decided to take matters into her own hands, literally, and create a line of her own. She developed an 8-step process that incorporates a technique known in French as “craquele”. The layers of paints and glazes result in a subtle, shimmering jewel-like finish - which inspired her to continue with the French theme and name her line “Bijoux” (jewels). Other than the European beaded trims, all parts of each shade are made in the U.S.A. All paints and glazes are LEED specified and non-toxic.

Bijoux has been featured at the San Francisco Design Center and Sausalito Open Studios and are is available for purchase here. Learn more​

Shop Bijoux Boutique ... click shade to enlarge and see details
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