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How are shades measured?

Cone (C) = top diameter x bottom diameter x length of slant

Drum (D) = top diameter x bottom diameter x height

Square (S), Trapezoid (T), and Rectangle (R) = width and length of top x width and length of bottom x length of slant 

Will a Bijoux shade work with my type of lamp?

Bijoux shades are made with standard American washers.                             This is the most common fitting. Small lamps that take

a flame or mini round bulb can be fitted with an adapter. 

Are shades transparent?

No. Linings are opaque and, therefore, light only emits at the top and bottom. 

What is a Soutache? (besides another French word)

Bijoux soutaches are decorative black, white, or metallic trim (approximately 1/8th inch wide) that are applied on some shades. 

How do I clean a Bijoux shade?

Gently dust to clean. Do not use water or any cleaning agents. Shades are meant for indoor use only.


Please use the Contact Form to inquire about or order a shade. Prices do not include shipping and handling. Resale tax will be applied to California



Because of the delicacy of each shade, the chances of damage increase each time one is packed and shipped. Please read the description and size of the shade you're interested in. Click on it to enlarge and see details up close in order to get a good idea of what you're ordering. 

Buyers should also realize that the nature of "Artisan" items suggest there may be imperfections. These imperfections are not considered flaws but they are taken into consideration when priced. 


Shipping, Handling, Freight

Bijoux shades are carefully inspected before shipping. Should you receive a damaged box, open immediately to check the shade. Contact PLC Interiors within 48 hours if a shade has been damaged. Save and send a photo of the damaged box.  

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