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Question: We're getting ready to paint the inside of our house. You can see the kitchen, dining ...

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

room, family room and staircase at the same time. There are a lot of angles. My favorite color is purple but of course that won't work. My husband likes tan and beige but I don't like any brown colors. I like grey. What color can we use that will make us both happy?

(Originally published in the Napa Valley Register)

I purposefully chose your question to answer this week so that I could announce that Devine Paint Center and I are hosting a complimentary seminar on Thursday, July 13, at 6 p.m. During the seminar, I will be pairing paint colors with wallpaper as well as fabric.

The answer to your question may lie in one of my sample boards. It leans towards variations of purple but they are either toned down or tinted - meaning, the color intensities have been cut with grey or white paint. This leads to more muted and dusty colors. They are difficult to describe and when you can't quite put a color into words, it's usually a good thing. It means it has dimension and sophistication.

To bring your husband's preferences into this equation, the particular purples I chose are warm. It would be very easy to bring in an accent color that combines brown and grey. This combination, in fact, is called "taupe".

Given these color possibilities, and given that you have many rooms and angles, you may want to use three different colors with one of them being taupe. The other two could be dusty purples. While you're staring at your space, consider doing an accent wall if it makes sense. This may sound like a lot of colors but you can keep the craziness in check by choosing ones that are close in value, that is, do not produce a lot of contrast. Contrast is what makes things busy.

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