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Patti's 10 Favorites Beyond Design

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

"Getting to Know Your Designer" ... by Joan McDonald, An interview by Aspired Design Magazine

ADM: Favorite book?

PLC: The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexander Dumas

ADM: Favorite song?

PLC: Layla, Eric Clapton

ADM: Favorite movie?

PLC: Any 1940s black and white and The Godfather series

ADM: Favorite staple in your pantry

PLC: Capers

ADM: Favorite flower

PLC: Peony

ADM: Favorite car

PLC: Porsche 356 C

ADM: Favorite vacation destination

PLC: Forte dei Marmi

ADM: Favorite athletic event to watch

PLC: Baseball on a sunny day

ADM: Favorite exercise

PLC: Swimming

ADM: Favorite coffee drink

PLC: Cold-brew iced

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