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D E S I G N   S T Y L E   &   P H I L O S O P H Y

Two-time award-winner and published designer, Patti Lorenzi Cowger creates spaces that enrich clients' daily lives, incorporates their fondest memories and treasures, and makes them feel . . .at home.

Patti's designs are rooted in her knowledge of the architectural and design styles that have evolved throughout the ages. She believes in simplicity with significance, quality over quantity, and subtlety embellished with a single wow. Patti's degree in mathematics compels her to pay special attention to proportion, scale, balance and harmony through shapes, patterns, color, and both visual and tactile texture. Hitting all of these points ensures a successful outcome - no matter the particular style. She also believes in a Leonardo di Vinci credo:

  P A T T I

Born and raised in the Napa Valley, Patti followed an unconventional route to a career in interior design. After graduating from U.C. Berkeley with a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics, teaching in Bay Area high schools, and writing computer software in San Francisco’s financial district, she found herself in desperate need of a creative hobby. In the summer of 

Everything Connects to Everything Else

PattI named her business "Tavola Bella" - "beautiful table" in Italian. It seemed natural after being raised at an Italian table with all things beautiful and delicious greeting her at every meal. In 1990, a trip to her grandparent's native home of Tuscany turned her professional life upside down. After weeks of historic and artistic intoxication, the echo of Puccini in the air, and a later visit and study of the formal gardens of France, Patti returned to the States, left the financial district, and pursued a degree in Architectural Interior Design.   


While focused on residential interiors, she also designed hospitality spaces in the Huntington Hotel and Edward II Bed and Breakfast, both in San Francisco, and at the Sonoma Mission Inn in Sonoma. In 2003, Patti moved back to the Napa Valley where she extended her services to exterior design. In 2007, her backyard landscape and fountain received an award in Recognition in Design and Build by the California Landscape Contractors Association. In 2012, Patti created, and continues to write, two weekly newspaper columns for the Napa Valley Register, Demystifying Design and Ask a Designer.       

1989, Patti explored and established relationships with a few fabric mills. By winter, she had designed table linens and turned her hobby into a side business selling her linens at hotel trunk shows.

Over the years, Patti has been privileged to support charities through her work. All proceeds of her book, Travels of an Interior Designer, were donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. All proceeds of her books, Demystifying Design, 40 Columns Worth Repeating and Demystifying Design, 35 More Columns Worth Repeating are donated to the Napa Valley Humane Society. She also cycled 100 miles for The Wounded Warriors Project.

Patti has participated in seven Designer Showcases in San Francisco, Marin, and the Napa Valley all supporting local charities and where one of her rooms was featured on HGTV’s show, "Sensible Chic."

After 32 years, Patti continues to find creative inspiration and passion with each and every project.            

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